Monday, September 24, 2012

BSides St. John's 2012 Conference

[By  YellowJKT]
I had a great time at the 2012 Security BSides St. John's Conference "Steering you through the Security Fog".  This year (According to Eventbrite) the conference was sold out.  There was ~100 attendees according to my sources and a beginning-head-count-tweet suggests I was 1 of 5 girls (many of them pictured to your right haha).  I highly recommend anyone who is a security enthusiast to keep your eyes open early to sign up for next time.


Norbert Griffin / @norbert_griffin
Jamie Goodyear / @icbts

I wasn't sure what to expect but the speakers were fantastic.  No problem to tell they are use to public speaking.  My favorite talks being among:

Mark Nunnikhoven / @marknca - The Basics & Other Things That We're Probably Doing Wrong
Karim Nathoo / @karamnathoo - Command and Control and Data Exfiltration
Kellman Meghu / @kellman - How NOT To Do Security: Lessons Learned From the Galactic Empire

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Event Photos:
By @darryl_macleod - Stefano Tiranardi TalksKellman Meghu TalksJamie Goodyear TalksRuss Doucet TalksScreech In
By @YellowJKT - 1Karim Nathoo TalksKellman Meghu Talks again (and again...apparently a real photographers dream that night haha), Me and Frank discuss college days
By @icbts - Bsides St. John's Pics Blog

Great company, atmosphere, food, drinks and prizes.  Next year I'll be sure to sign up early.

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